"Whether are you looking to excel in graded music exams; improve your current flute and musical ability or simply looking to learn the flute from scratch and play your favourite tunes, I will show you a fun and methodical approach to raise your flute game."                                                                                                                                      



Singapore-based award-winning flutist, composer, educator and recording artist, Rit Xu has emerged as a leading light of his generation and is slowly gaining international recognition for his lyrical, thoughtful and introspective musical voice on the flute. An honours graduate from the prestigious Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music of the National University of Singapore, his passionate, wholehearted and at times highly energetic performances has won the admiration of fans as well as fellow musicians worldwide. In 2014, Rit was recognized for his finesse as a flutist and improviser by being named winner of the NFA Jazz Artist Competition; the first Southeast Asian to win a solo jazz competition in the United States.  

As a passionate music educator, Rit Xu has been teaching the fundamental to finer points of flute-playing since 2008. Since founding flutelessons.sg in 2016, he made it his mission to turn out as many students that have the same love for music and flute as he does.  Equipped with both theoretical knowledge as well as real-world musical experiences across a range of genres, numerous of his past and and present students have aced through Graded Examination and enjoying a life in music as aspiring professionals or aficionados.

Rit Xu in the news : 

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What is flutelessons.sg?

Flutelessons.sg offers a comprehensive and progressive individual and group flute learning programme under the guidance of renowned flute educator, Rit Xu. For complete programme description, please click here

When are where are lessons held?

Lesson are held on a weekly basis at Flutelessons Music Studio located at 116 Middle Road; conveniently situated next to Bugis+ shopping mall. Lessons are held Tuesday through Sunday - no lessons on Monday.  


What are the fees?

For a complete breakdown of fees, please click here.

I am a complete beginner; am I suitable for lessons?

Lessons are tailored for children as well as working adults; from those with zero background all the way to advanced and professional players looking to gain further musical perspectives and practice ideas on their instrument. 

I do not own a flute at the moment; can I still sign up for lessons?

We will provide you with a beginner flute during trial lesson.  To progress further, you are encouraged to purchase your own instrument. Flutelessons.sg will recommend places for purchasing. 

















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